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With high performing UPVC triple glazed doors and windows now available for not a great deal more than double glazed doors and windows, it is worth considering upgrading to triple glazing for the added thermal and security aspects alone. Residential front doors, back doors and French doors are all available in white triple glazed UPVC. Window wise, UPVC triple glazing comes in bespoke casement or tilt and turn windows, including a choice of coloured frame finishes and with Georgian bars as an optional extra.

The specially selected internal pane of soft coat glass used in UK reflect heat back into the room as it tries to escape. Any heat that does pass through the internal pane is reflected back by the second pane of softcoat glass, while the clear external pane allows light into the room. The second pane also creates two insulating cavities which are filled with Argon (an inert gas which is far better at controlling the transfer of heat than dry air. All three panes of glass are separated by warm edge spacer bars that are 950 times less conductive than aluminium spacer bars, so therefore lose less heat. The multi-chambered UPVC door and window profile ensures both the frames and sashes are also thermally efficient.

Triple glazing is better for property owners than single glazing in terms of energy savings through thermal efficiency and added security. Triple glazing is even better for the environment than replacement double glazing, as further reduces carbon emissions whilst saving energy. Naturally a third pane of glass makes a triple glazed sealed unit far harder to break, whilst putting up a third barrier against any external noise (assuming the windows are shut!).

So whether you have old draughty front or back doors or windows, or old timber framed windows or leaking outdated first generation double glazing, it is worth looking into “A” rated thermally efficient double or triple glazed doors and windows, and the return you will get on your investment in terms of reduced heating bills, enhanced property value and a far more pleasant and better controlled living environment.